Men's Movement

Gather. Restore. Disciple. Here at Covenant Church, we want to gather men, create a place of refuge to restore the hearts and minds of men, and follow Jesus' command to disciple one another as men of faith. We believe that men have anointing and power to restore and build our families, church, community, nation and the world. It has been stated "being born a male is a matter of birth, but becoming a man is a matter of choice." So, today we urge you to join this vital part of the body of Christ – Men of Covenant!


Men's Breakfast & Power Hour: 

3rd Saturday of the month - 8am

Pastor Jay Badaracco

    THE RETURN               

Men are masters at hiding and need a safe place. A place they will not feel guilt , shame or condemnation. They need a place that will love them and extend the grace that heals. The Return is such a place. This 4 night/day experience is a God-seeking, self searching event where men are tethered together in a common fight against the deception of the enemy. It is a place where men come to understand that they are not alone nor have to hide their issues to coexist in the church world. It is a place to get freedom of the sins that easily entangle within. The Return provides a setting where God’s light shines into those dark places and sets men free!


The cost of The Return is $349. Please do not let the financial aspect of the event detour you from attending, we have scholarships available. Please contact us if you are needing to apply for a scholarship or sponsorship.

Congratulations on making this life changing decision! Register below :